Farm therapies

where you become involved in doing, while learning more about yourself, ..

To bring about the therapeutic benefits of art therapy and physical activity in green open spaces, I set up Farm Therapies, offering a range of therapies, centred around my small working farm. The wooden art therapy studio heated by a wood stove, is set amongst pastures surrounded by hedgerows, mature trees, a pond and views.  There is a flock of breeding sheep, egg laying hens, pigs and four ponies offering a wide range of possible experiences.

The stress caused by separation from open green spaces and the lack of physical activity has been well researched:-  

The Department of Health (2004) estimated that a 10 per cent increase in adult physical activity would benefit the UK by £500 million per year, saving 6,000 lives; this calculation does not include the potential economic impact of improved mental well being.

Research shows an inverse relationship between proximity of open green spaces in urban areas and levels of stress.

“physical activity is effective in the treatment of clinical depression and can be as successful as psychotherapy or medication, particularly in the longer term.”