Art Therapy

a psychodynamic therapy, which aims to create meaning from psychological and emotional disturbances by using the art materials.

Do you wish to explore your inner creative self?

Are you wishing to make changes in your life?  

Art therapy may offer you something..

What happens when I come to Art therapy?

In art therapy you use art materials to learn more about your feelings, art offers a rich metaphor for life.   

You will be able to chose from a selection of art materials, charcoal, felt pens, pencils, crayons, pastels, paints, ink, clay.

There is no right or wrong way to use the art materials.   Some people like to experiment, some prefer to have more guidance.

We will have some time thinking and talking about the artwork.

Art therapy will be of interest to people who find talking therapies daunting.

Walking and Art 

You may wish to consider to do art therapy outdoors walking.

The rythm of walking can create a sense of calm and doing art outdoors in the presence of an art therapist can allow you to focus on the details of nature and this may have a particular resonance for you.

 Art and Equine Therapy

You may wish to explore doing art therapy alongside of doing equine therapy.  


Please note that artwork is only displayed in the 'gallery' with clients consent.