Equine Therapy

Horses are very sensitive mirrors of peoples' emotions and they respond naturaly without artifice.

Equine therapy  works on non-verbal communication.

Horses are herd animals with defined roles.  

Horses like to be with their peers and are generally social.

They have had a long history of relating to humans, which makes them responsive therapists.

Being large and powerful horses can be intimidating to many. This provides a natural opportunity for overcoming fear and to develop confidence. 

Because of their distinct personalities and moods, an approach that works with one horse won't necessarily work with another. 

What happens in equine therapy?

You will meet the ponies and you may wish to do any or all of the following:-

observe them; catch and halter; groom; lead walk or run

Equine therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses horses to speak to our emotions.

Equine and Art Therapy

Working with horses can be very powerful, so I offer art therapy to process experience.