Farm Therapy

a gentle therapy, for people of all ages, based on the Care Farms model

If you are interested in farm animals, or ever thought to learn more about farm life, farm therapy might be something to try!  

It maybe that you are lookin for a therapy with animals or you may want to learn farm skills in a supportive environment.  

What will I do during Farm therapy session?

You will meet the animals, hens, sheep, pigs and ponies.

You will observe and learn about their habits.

You will have physical exercise.

Farm therapy is a collaborative therapy, we spend time talking and  learning how to handle the animals.  

Why be with the animals?

You will be focussed in the here and now, mindful. 

Animals offer a multi-sensory experience.

Animals are non-judgemental, they will be direct and honest and and at times, they can be humourous!

Animals form attachments like humans and we can observe them and talk about them in relation to our own.

Farm therapy is an outdoor therapy.  

This is a small working farm with hens, pigs, ponies and sheep.