Beginning with Hens

Would you like to learn how to look after hens?

Are you wishing to know about what it entails to keep your own chickens and would like to spend a morning or a day on our small farm in the Sussex countryside to learn:

  • about hen behaviour 
  • how to handle hens
  • what to feed them
  • how to keep hens healthy


This is a guide to day or half day course.

10.30 am with tea and coffee, introductions and full information about looking after poultry

11.30 - 12.30 meet the hens and their homes

12.30 - 1 more information about hen keeping

1 - 1.30  lunch provided

2 - 3.30  tour of the farm and different hen keeping systems and observing hens

3.30 - 4 tea/ cakes and final chat